Monday, October 26, 2009


One August day some years ago a young man murdered his girl friend. Apparently this crime was committed on impulse, since he seems not to have considered the question of disposal of the body. Until something better turned up -- one has to assume that he didn't think of this as a permanent solution -- he stuffed her into the trunk of his car.

Either this young man was slow of thought and action, or he had other matters on his mind. He didn't come up with a better plan right away but drove around for a few days with the remains of his late inamorata in the trunk of his car.

Then the car developed some problem. He took it to his mechanic and left it there for repairs. By this time, the girl friend in the trunk was, you might say, making her presence felt. The mechanic checked it out and notified the police, and the young man's arrest, trial and conviction followed.

This tale comes from a textbook for police officers that I typed for the lawyer who compiled the book. You come across the damndest things in the typing business.